2018 Christmas Concert

2018 Christmas Concert Stage

Okay, first I gotta say in amazement how my cousin Michael Arbeau transformed the Pentab Ministry Center into an enchanted Christmas scene for my Christmas concert! It looked fantastic. It made for the perfect intimate evening of our favorite Christmas songs and brought everyone into the joyous Christmas spirit. Having such a beautiful setting made it so delightful to sing Christmas carols such as “All I want for Christmas is You”, “Drummer Boy”, “Mary Did You Know”, Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” along with many more classic favorites. Marcello Reid sang a beautiful rendition of Silent Night and Daisy Santos did a great job singing ” Joy To The World” bringing the audience to sing and clap along. I had some new musicians join me for a few songs and it was great! Jaret Stadola joined on drums, Alberta Bada on bass, and Lazlo Czonka on piano. They were amazing and dedicated and such a pleasure to work with. We will need to collaborate again soon! I was very happy at the turn out for this concert. I was worried because the fog was so thick you could not even see more than 12 inches in front of you but many still made the trek. Ettiene Mangala mastered the sound for me and it was flawless. The lights hanging from the tall tall ceining created a warm glow which would not have been possible if it were not for the hard work and efforts of my cousin Micheal Arbeau who decorated the entire auditorium with some help from Joe Parker. It always warms my heart when people pitch in to help with a smile and a willing heart. It makes me so happy and encourages me to keep on doing what I love. This concert was also special because it was on my sisters birthday and she sat in the front row smiling and cheering me on. My favorite song to sing at this Christmas concert was our version of “Drummer Boy”.
I also had the honor of writing my first ever Christmas song, written one week before my concert. I titled it, “Reason For The Season”. I dedicated this song to my dad who was one of the inspirations for some of the lyrics in the song. The lyrics are as follows:

Jesus is the reason for the season
Verse 1: Jesus… is the reason for….the season
No greater love… has ever been… sacrificed
Born in a low..ly manger…. came down from His throne on High
This precious little baby…. born this special night…Christmas time

Verse 2: Christmas time….makes many people smile
Christmas time….full of laughter and delight
Mistletoe and Holly, Candy canes and pumpkin spice
Family get-togethers all at Christmas time…Christmas time

Verse 3: But here’s another story…Different from the rest
A son who lost his mother …It’s not Christmas like before
A mother without her children…A man who’s all alone
A child caught in the middle of another broken home
Christmas time, ….sometimes it makes us cry
So don’t forget… to hold the one… you love …closer tonight

Verse 4: A little boy … in foster care…stuck outside …out in the cold
Walks down the street… and stares into…the window of a home
A family eating dinner… holding hands as … they pray
This little boy feels broken, lost and alone and feeling scared
Christmas time ….sometimes it makes us cry
So don’t forget… to hold the one… you love …closer tonight

Jesus… is the reason for the season…No greater love has ever been sacrificed

I am so thankful for every opportunity to sing and do what I was created to do. I am looking forward to the new year and the new things headed my way.


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