Need You – Official Video Debut

Need You Video Cover

Wow, what an amazing experience this has been, creating a music video. “Need You” is my first official music video. We decided to film it right in my backyard. I have a lovely gazebo and wooded area surrounding my home so it seemed the perfect solution, not to mention easy on the wallet. It was a great experience, of course not without its challenges. The day we decided to do the video shoot it was zero degrees… very cold if you are in a thin evening gown without long sleeves or a coat to wear. I was wearing red shoes that were so uncomfortable. Me, being short, I kept tripping over my gown as I was walking thru the forest. Wayne Walters, my videographer, was a pro, very easy to work with. At one point in the outdoor filming we decided to use smoke flares and it looks so cool on the screen. Real life…. Burns the eyes! My sister had one smoke grenade, and I had the other and we had to pull the grenade like trigger at the same time and the smoke would start shooting out and she would quickly pass it to me and run to get out of the filming area and I would start walking with one smoke grenade in each hand while trying not to cough because the smoke started burning my eyes. It really was quite comical. You would be surprised at what goes on behind the scenes in filming and in the recording studio.
So … back to the song itself. I chose my original song, Need You, because it is one of the most impacting songs in my life. I wrote this song shortly after a difficult breakup and I was so vulnerable. Many people question God during difficult times, and while I probably did too, the whole process actually brought me closer in my relationship and deeper in my love for God. People will fail. We are human. At one point or another, we all make mistakes, we all fail, we all hurt someone… it’s just in our nature. God is the only constant love, constant joy and constant friend we will ever have. I sat down at the piano, and the tears were flowing down my face. I just started singing so softly Lord, I need you… I need you…. and I began to think of areas that I needed Him… realizing I needed Him in every area of my life. I needed Him to be the love of my life since I seemed to have lost mine at that moment in time. I needed Him to be my friend as most of my “dear” friends had turned their backs on me. I needed Him to be the arms that held me when I cried, the smile and gentle touch when I was lonely. Sometimes the words of others who were trying to help, saying “Trust in God” or “It’s all going to work out in God’s time” irritated me. Words did nothing for me. I wanted to feel something tangible. I didn’t want a pat on the back. I wanted God to become real. To become everything to me. I poured out my heart and wrote this song within an hour. I sang it with desperation and I have to say, God really is the arms of a lover, the arms of a friend, the arms of those who failed me, left me empty and took all I had. He really is the hand that picks me up, the smile and gentle touch…. because I let Him. God is a gentleman. He will never force Himself into your life. He will be all you allow Him to be. And to me, that has been nothing short of amazing. God has proven His love and devotion, has blessed me beyond measure and keeps reminding me daily that He is all I need. I hope you find comfort when you hear this song. Please share it with someone who is hurting. God truly everything we will ever need.


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