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Tamara Arbeau Kleinsasser is a passionate, fiery short girl with a big heart.  Tamara was born in Calgary, Alberta where she lived until she was 6 years old.  Her family relocated to Nanaimo, B.C. where they remained until she was 12.  Her father was then called to Pastor in Fort St. John, B.C. and this became home for the next 20 years.

Tamara is married with four beautiful children (three girls and one boy).  She loves decorating, designing, DIY’s, but most of all she loves to sing! Nothing gives her greater pleasure than to hear someone testify that a song she has written touched a heart or helped someone get thru something they are facing.

Photo of Tamara with DaughterTamara is a self-taught singer, songwriter and musician.  She started writing songs when she was in her later teen years.  The first song she ever wrote is titled “For Your Glory” and many more songs followed.  Tamara has written more than 20 songs and finds her inspiration thru personal experiences.  She is thankful that in the middle of brokenness, God makes something beautiful.

Tamara wants be balanced in life especially where music is concerned.   Her goal is to be seasoned with just the right flavor, with her first love and focus in music being gospel music. Tamara has a bigger dream, a bigger vision that simply can’t be put into one box.  Tamara has been referred to as half church girl and half Mariah Carey.  She loves to sing Country, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul Gospel… a mix of all the greats.

Tamara at The Mary Pattison ChapelSome concerts will be gospel, others will be jazz, country or a mix of all the above.  That’s just who she is. A little bit of sweet, a little bit of spice… a little bit of crazy and a little bit of nice.  Shake that all together… and “voila” the creation of Tamara Kleinsasser.  Tamara is a unique vocalist not willing to be branded as a generic singer, rather dips her toes into the best of most genres and styles.  She is willing to try new styles and loves to learn from those around her.  Tamara has learned most of what she does by listening, watching and then jumping right in to try, try and try again.  Tamara’s favorite style to sing is jazz as it allows her to stretch her vocal chords and be creative and “fancy” if you will.  Gospel will always be the front runner for her music but she is not limited to just gospel.  There are too many amazing songs to be sung and so many messages to be told thru music and song.  Tamara is always writing down phrases or hooks as they come to her, and tries to always be doing something musical, whether that be writing a song, doing a live feed on facebook, or a jam session or rehearsal in the studio all the way to performing concerts, gigs or even singing at your local open mic at a coffee shop.  Tamara is currently working on several songs, and when she has raised the funds for another album, her songs are already chosen and ready to go.  Tamara has written almost 40 songs to date and is currently working on her next album release.

Debut Album Page Title

Inspired by the simple blessings in life that we often take for granted, my first album was written to convey gratitude and appreciation for not only the grand things but also the smaller gifts that we find in our daily lives. Laughing, Loving, and yes, even crying are blessings given from above. Being alive and interacting with this beautiful planet through our five senses. Breathing and moving through this world, we are able to hear, see and feel all of the wonderous things around us: life’s little blessings. I truly hope that this album brings you joy. Blessings has an RnB vibe meant to uplift the listener and remind you that every day we breathe, is a day to be grateful.

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