Blessings Album Cover
September 18, 2015
Tamara Arbeau Kleinsasser
Producer: Producer's Name
Number of discs: 1

Inspired by the simple blessings in life that we often take for granted, my first album was written to convey gratitude and appreciation for not only the grand things but also the smaller gifts that we find in our daily lives. Laughing, Loving, and yes, even crying are blessings given from above. Being alive and interacting with this beautiful planet through our five senses. Breathing and moving through this world, we are able to hear, see and feel all of the wonderous things around us: life’s little blessings. I truly hope that this album brings you joy. Blessings has an RnB vibe meant to uplift the listener and remind you that every day we breathe, is a day to be grateful.

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