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Like the way
my baby smiles at me
It’s so wonderful
and incredible
When I think of
All God’s done for me

I can laugh and love and cry
Cuz I know, I know that you are mine
I can hear and breathe and move
And I know your love is real and true
I can see and touch and feel
And I know you’re shining down on me

I think of all life’s little blessings
I think of all life’s little blessings

Never ending mercy
and unfailing love
God has promised
to extend to me
Loving kindness
and forgiveness
When I fall
he always comforts me

Great and mighty king of kings
My Lord, my God for all eternity

Giver of all life’s little blessings

Thank you Lord for all your little blessings


In this little game
called life
Some days you win
some days you lose
In this little game
it ain’t always right
But there’s some things
that you can do

You can smile
in adversity
And in the midst of your storm
when nothing’s going right
Oh you can say

I’ve got a reason dance
I’ve got a reason to lift my hands
I’ve got a reason
Uh oh oh, to rejoice
I’ve got a reason to sing
You see he’s my everything
I’ve got a reason
Uh oh oh, to rejoice

Life will always
have it’s ups and downs
Rainy days
and sunshine too
You’ll get knocked down
but you’ll get up again
Wipe off the dust
Chase off the blues

Everybody,you know
they have bad days
So you can choose to stay down
Or you can wear a frown
Or you can say

New Day

I’ve been misunderstood
Sometimes I wish I could
Fly away from here
Be far away yet near
I’ve been hurt so bad
and it took all I had
Not to throw in the towel
To wipe my tears and move on

It’s a new day, new day
His mercy flows from above
It’s a new day, new day
He heals my heart
with His love
And no matter what
I’ve been thru
He’s strong enough to move
any mountain in my way
I’m so glad it’s a new day

I hope you understand
It’s all part of His plan
It’ll work out alright if you
walk by faith and not sight
No, it won’t always be easy
You may not always
know the reason
But when you want to give up
when the going gets tough
Just remember…

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